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Bonus Blog... What a Pain the A**

Hello Fellow Obsessers!

It has come to my attention that an email notification did not go out yesterday when I posted Sunday's blog. And I am sure that it was very disappointing for all of you.... as you most likely schedule your weekends around reading my new material! Ooooh, I could feel that eye roll through the computer.

I attempted to rectify the issue by sending out an email to all of you, but apparently that is a little more complicated than I thought. AND, the tech support for the platform I use for this website is less than subpar.... Sooo, after stress eating four mini buttertarts I decided that this is would be the best option. Let us all say a prayer that an email goes out for this one. Otherwise this is super pointless and you'll likely never see it.

Anyways, I did put up a blog yesterday. If you missed it, I highly recommend you check it out. It has Scott in his underwear, cats and people dumping garbage in our ditch. What's not to love!? The link is

Indi is currently curled up on the couch beside me, huffing every time I accidentally jostle her a bit too much. She has been in a mood and giving me the death glare since I accidentally hoofed her in the schnauz this morning when I turned over. So I best be going before I piss her off too badly.

Have a wonderful week everybody. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those stupid weeks. You know... like a bunch of those days when nothing can go right and you find your elderly dementia patient swinging naked from the curtains if you leave them alone for more five minutes? No? Never experienced that, huh? Well bless your hearts.

Talk to ya soon,



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