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My Particular Brand of Crazy

Don't let the calming fonts and colours of this page fool you, my mind is anything but calm. My mental health is more akin to a hamster on wheel. Going along aimlessly until it trips, getting it's tiny foot caught in the rungs and being flung around until finally the wheel comes to a grinding hault.
This blog is a catalogue of my life, funny stories and a reminder that if you can't laugh at crippling anxiety and stepping in dog shit then we are all fucked.
Fair Warning: I am a nurse... meaning I have a dark and twisted sense of humour that can rival any sociopath and I swear like mother fucking sailor. So if you are easily offended (I'm talking to you Karen) then this is definitely not for you.
Love, Kay
P.S. I secretly hope that if this blog gets any traction at all, it serves to give people a much needed laugh and reminds anyone who needs it that you are definitely not alone. We are in this together <3

Pile of Folded Knits
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