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Oh Boy.... This is Embarrassing

Hello everybody. It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people are missing the notifications for when new posts go up because the emails end up in their spam or junk folders. I have no idea how to stop this from happening.... because I am more than somewhat technology inept, but possibly you'll find them in there with Wix as the sender.

Speaking of inept, it has come to my attention that there are quite a few things that have been completely going over my head until far too late in life.

Like, were you aware that No Frills isn't just some random syllables slapped together? No. Frills. As in there are NO FRILLS when shopping there. All cheap no name products, you bag your own groceries, etc. Blew my mind folks. And I only recently figured this out.

And there are bunch more! Scott says I should probably be keeping these to myself, as it is a little sad that I didn't realize this information sooner. He also has no idea how I was an honour student and he wasn't? Well what can I say Scotty.... the book learnins' and the street learnins' are two very different things. And if I am out here walking around completely oblivious, other people must be too.

Staples business depot is another good one! Did you know that the L in Staples logo is just a half unfolded staple?? Seriously. Google that shit, or the next time you drive past one, take a look. Mind-freaking-blown.

Or what about the division symbol?? ➗ People! It's literally a fraction with the dots representing where the numbers would go. BOOM! To be fair though.... math was never my strong suit. I had to take a the academic stream in order to get into university (don't even get me started), but my poor teachers had to try everything in their power to just get me through. I actually flunked statistics in 3rd year at university and had to retake it as a summer course. Yep. It was a lesson in humility and gettin' back on that horse. Reflecting almost ten years later.... the only thing that I took away from it that has stuck with me is that I should never take on a professional role that requires me to interpret stats. $3000 well spent. *Eyes now rolling into the back of my head*

And remember those nice nursery rhymes and fun little games we'd play as kids? I was a big reader.... so I knew that most fairy tales and Disney stories were rooted in the Grim Brothers original versions which were gory and amazing. I mean.... crows pecking out the evil step mother's eyes? Yes please. That's karma, bitch. But Scott and I now have some very young children in our lives and we have been breaking out the OGs to have fun with them. Twinkle twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider and of course, my favourite, the five little piggies. I was looking up the words the other day to make sure I had them right.... and when you see them on the page right in front of your eyes..... WTF?!

This little piggy went to market. Ugh.... for my city people out there, this doesn't mean that he went shopping. It means he went to be sold for slaughter. Ya. Oink oink. Bacon bacon.

This little piggy ate roast beef. I will say it's a little better than saying he ate a pork chop. But he is eating his little friend one pen over that went to the 'market' the other day.

Also, the arrow in the amazon logo, doesn't just look pretty. It points from the A to the Z. As in, they have everything from A-Z. Subliminal messaging at it's finest.

And do remember Fes from That 70's Show? Fes is not his real name! Fes. Foreign Exchange Student. Whaaaaaat? I was walking the dog when this dawned on me, and I had to stop and take minute. How could they get away with that? A bunch of 16 year old keyboard warriors would have them cancelled before the pilot aired now.

Biggest mind fuck ever is the toaster though. Did you know that the numbers on a toaster indicate minutes for toasting.... not the level of toastiness? I'm serious. Go ahead..... go pop a bagel in at level 4. It'll take four minutes. Go ahead. We'll wait....


While we're talking about toast..... Breakfast isn't just a random or made up word. You are BREAKING your overnight FAST. BREAK-FAST. Breakfast.

Lastly, I think that I am going to have to go down the Pixar rabbit hole. Because there are layers to that shit that I never realized. For example.... In Monsters Inc when they yell out, "We have a 23-19," when the monster comes out of a door with a sock on him, it's not a thoughtless code to make kids laugh when panic ensues (although it is pretty hilarious). The 23rd letter of the alphabet is W, and the 19th is S. WS. White Sock. Boom.

There are so many more, but I think this is all that my brain can handle for today.

Have a lovely week, kick some ass, take some names and try not to run anyone down with your car when they cut you off. Cause, no one looks that good in orange.

-Love, Kay

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Nicole Dukelaw
Nicole Dukelaw
28 de nov. de 2021

Mom's are all knowing! High five

So clearly I'm just as inept albeit mind blow with your list lol - I think the only one I knew was No Frills 🤦 lol - 🤯


Diane R
Diane R
28 de nov. de 2021

Kay's mom here again. If you have that pesky problem with the post notifications going to spam, try adding the notification address to your contacts. That should solve the problem. See... sometimes moms know things. LOL!

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