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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all having a wonderful (insert whatever won't offend you here), and it is bringing you some much needed reprieve from the overwhelming world we live in right now.

Christmas can be hard for some at the best of times. And unfortunately, most are facing yet another year of COVID Christmas that looks different than the idyllic holiday we all envisioned.

But it is important to make the most of what you have been given and remember to see the joy in the small things. Ugh.... that sounds so lame and ridiculous and corny.

But it is true. Whether you are thankful for your oh so comfortable bed that is piled high with a down duvet and pillows galore, or that first sip of piping hot coffee in the morning that hits you right in your soul and radiates out to your toes.... just bask in that feeling of contentment a little longer than you usually would over the next few days. You deserve it. And it's a hell of a lot better than wallowing.

Ha! Look at me spouting advice like I know what the hell I'm talking about and haven't cried three times this week myself.

This is more of a do as I say, not as I do type situation. Okay? Good.

But having said all of that, I do have a grievance. Why the hell are we canceling Christmas carols? The only one I actually like, I apparently can't like because I am supposed to be an empowered woman.

Baby It's Cold Outside.

Suuuuure, yes. There are few undertones of toxic masculinity and questionable choices.....

"I really can't stay."

"Baby don't hold out."

"Say what's in this drink?"

"No cabs to be had out there."

Huh? You know what.... on reading through the actual lyrics the trusty old googler maybe I can see what all these hyped up non-shaving, men hatin' keyboard warriors have been saying. Hmm?

Well shit. Scratch that and I'll get back to you on it. Gotta admit though, you're humming it to yourself right now and it is as catchy as the Rona.


I hope you are able to see the people most important to you in some way, shape or form over the holidays and that you find a moment of peace and joy. You deserve it.

And I hope that if you do get to see your family- and your great aunt Greta is being an insufferable narcissist and you juuuuuuust want to take that meat fork and stick it through her thigh- that you remember this:

You have no bail money and they don't let you have Netflix in prison. That's right. So unless you are game for giving up binge watching The Witcher or Grace and Frankie.... put the damn fork down, go the bathroom, scream into a towel and get YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Game face bitches.

Love, Kay

P.S. Don't worry about me and the crying.... two of the three times was because I stubbed my toe really hard. The other time was because I was having an existential crisis brought about by burning my toast. But who doesn't have those days?!


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